Philadelphia-Montgomery Christian Academy Research & Resource Wiki
This wiki was created so that faculty and students of PMCA can share resources (books, periodicals, databases, and websites) with each other and with the broader PMCA community. If you have any suggestions of resources to add to this wiki, please email them to library@phil-mont.com.

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Go to the "Types of Sources" page (on the left) for links to the databases and the websites to which PMCA subscribes.
Check out the "Subject Specific Wikis" page which contains links to other wikis on for each of the subjects taught at PMCA.

Are you an elementary school student? Please remember that the websites listed under the Middle School and High School headings may not be appropriate for you to investigate.

Mrs. Lisa M. Askey wishes to thank Joyce K. Valenza, Library Media Specialist at Springfield Township High School, for granting permission to incorporate some of her resources in this wiki.
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