What is the Closed, Invisible, or Deep Web?

Remember these are the scholarly, reputable sources you should use for research projects and papers at PMCA.

Read the following articles for more information

Websites that search the Invisible Web

PMCA now offers SIX databases published by Gale + the databases on POWER Library

Steps to use to find a Periodical (magazine, newspaper, or journal) article on a database

1. Student Resources in Context - Find a link to this database and the five following on the "Types of Sources" page of this wiki.
2. Science in Context
3. U.S. History in Context
4. World History in Context
5. Student Resource Center Junior edition - for the elementary and middle school students
6. InfoBits Kids published by Gale - for the elementary students
7. POWER Library - a database of databases -Don't forget about these valuable resources available to us from the State of Pennsylvania and features primary source documents, magazine, newspaper and journal articles, encyclopedia and dictionary sources and media such as ebooks and photos from the Associate Press. Check out this animated video describing the resources of POWER Library: