General Information

While there are many other types of styles manuals (APA for example) at PMCA we use the MLA (Modern Language Association) style for bibliographic citations.

Note: if your teacher requires you to use the APA style for bibliographic citations instead, continue to use NoodleTools to formulate your citations as NoodleTools continues to be the best type of citation building resource and NoodleTools will update its website to reflect any changes that the APA may require.

Citation Examples

In-text or Parenthetical Reference Documentation

Your in-text (or in-project) or parenthetical references should lead the reader back to a specific entry in your Works Cited list.
  • Check out a document containing examples of in-text or parenthetical documentation.
  • Examples of in-text (or in-project) or parenthetical reference documentation - see this pdf document from Easybib.
  • Examples of in-text (or in-project) or parenthetical reference documentation from the Springfield Township Citation wiki
  • If your quote is more than 4 lines long, use block quotation formatting. Begin a new line and indent one inch from the left and right margins. Do not use quotation marks. Introduce a block quote with a colon. Put the ending punctuation after the quote, not after the parenthetical reference (which you would do after a quote that is not 4 lines long).

For more information see -
  • The Online Writing Lab from Purdue University (the best for online writing helps)
  • Diane Hacker offers a brief explanation of the changes on this webpage from Bedford/St. Martins publishers.